English Day Becomes “Silent Day” but It Motivates so Much

Kupang, NTTĀ 

On first day of the application of Governor’s regulation, number 56 of 2018, about the English Day, it makes the governor office of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) becomes quiet.

When observed and monitored the situation, it was found that the policy was not carried out well by civil servant or apparatus (ASN) in that office.

Even though, it was explained clearly in the regulation that speaking English for the employee was a must, but still, most of them didn’t care.

However, some of the employees tried to speak English although it sounded a little funny.

“I realize that it’s not easy, but I’ll try to memorize vocabulary and make more practice, because I believe that practice makes perfect”, said AOK.

In other place, Head of the East Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office, Marius Jelamu said that the program of Mr. Governor of NTT, Viktor Laiskodat, especially English Day was very brilliant.

“You know that NTT is well known in the world as tourism destinations, and of course many tourists will visit and come over. So, the people in NTT must have knowledge, how to handle the tourists and I think that English is the right way”, Marius explained.

According to Mr. Marius, the citizen of NTT, especially the employees must speak English to motivate other people.

“English is not difficult, so now, let’s try, try, and try. You just need a little braveness to make your English better,”He suggested.

He hoped that teachers and students all over East Nusa Tenggara could speak English every Wednesday. (MBN01)